Raised in the swamps of Louisiana and trained in the finer points of graphic design in Minnesota’s frozen tundra, Jacob now calls the beaches of Southern California home. He likes putting letters on top of other people’s artwork and on front of their books. When not handling lettering, logo design, and production for Visionary, he’s either gaming or hanging out with his girlfriend Katie, son Xander, and their cat Mayhem.


Feature Interview

Today we’re talking to VCS’ Production Chief, Jacob Bascle. Thank you for taking the time to let us learn a little more about you and what you do, Jacob. How long have you been involved with Visionary?

Thanks for having me. This is actually my first comics interview, so I’m pretty excited! Visionary was the first comics studio I ever collaborated with. I was a decade into my graphic design career when I met our CCO, Chuck Sellner, in 2009 at a print shop I was working with. He was looking for someone to help package the stories they were creating. As someone who had read my fair share of comics growing up, I jumped at the opportunity to work with an indie comic studio, that seemed like an awesome way to utilize my skill set! It wasn’t long before I realized that lettering comics really synced up with a lot of what I was doing in book design and production, so I got into that as well. Thankfully, Chuck was kind enough to let me cut my teeth alongside some great creative teams in our Digital Visions anthologies back in the day.

What are your duties as Production Chief?

I design our covers and any extra pages that fill out the books, then I package everything and output our books for both printers and our digital venues. My favorite part of this job is getting to work with so many talented people. I dig getting to see all the pieces come in and watching the stories take shape.

Where can people check out your design work?

The past few years have kept me very busy, so my website is greatly in need of an update, but you can check out some of my past work at jacobbascle.myportfolio.com. I have a Twitter I never use, @freemindgraphx. Give me a follow, maybe someday I will resurrect it.