Who Are the Mysterious Others?

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Who Are the Mysterious Others?

One of our two key universes in the Visionary Creation setting is the Others’ Universe, specifically that universe’s Earth. “When I was putting together some of the initial ideas for series, it occurred to me that I had a couple characters who had two, distinct shared elements to their stories,” creator C. Edward Sellner shared. “First, it was important both were set in a world without the overtly fantastic. No magic, no monsters, no super-heroes. Both also had a similar MO in how their own fantastic abilities worked, and I realized that I could do a lot more within those two boundaries. As a result, instead of those two being special people on their own worlds, thanks to a suggestion from our Production Guru Jacob Bascle, they became the first two people of a special world.”

The Others are normal, every day people, who live in a normal every day world, but, often without even realizing it, they possess special abilities and gifts that instead of working in THEIR world, touch other worlds in various ways.Each is unique, their abilities are unique. Many of them operate in a way that the person with those abilities never even realize what they truly are. For some, it’s more a curse than a gift, as their abilities can distort their own perceptions of reality. For others, its a gateway to adventures beyond their imagination!

Once the concept was there, more and more ideas began coming together until this sidebar world became the second most prominent in our planned launch. There are three stories set in the Others Universe in our Phase 1 Bundle, each showcasing a different member of this unique group, and each with connecting threads to still other stories throughout.

“This is one of those intriguing concepts we hope will create hardcore fans who really want to dig into the Visionary Creation to find all the connections, figure out what they mean, and endlessly speculate about what the future holds,” Sellner added. “We love our fans, we want to give them plenty of mysteries, intrigue, and surprises along the way.”

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Spotlight on: Soulstar

Featured as an ongoing series in our Visions Serialized Collection, SoulStar is a re-imagining of the super-hero mythos, and both our flagship and top breakout character of Phase 1! We open with an amnesiac SoulStar on a strange, alien world, with lots of questions and fractured memories of a terrific battle that hints at the scale of his powers, but leaves many questions as to who he truly is, where he’s from, and just what his powers are.

“We purposefully wanted to go with this story first so we could have readers discover the truth of SoulStar right along with our hero himself. But we promise, this will be a super-hero like you’ve never seen before, with some really cool twists to his story. SoulStar will be one of the most important figures in the Visionary Creation, and we can’t wait to share his story with fans!”

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