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All of us here at Visionary are very excited to be launching our very own transmedia, shared worlds setting, and as is usually true for us, we’re doing it very different from previous ventures.

“The Visionary Creation isn’t just one world, or one universe, or one time, it’s a setting with stories spanning from the literal beginning of all existence to its end, and that’s just in our first volume of our Serialized Collection series, Visions,” shared C. Edward Sellner, creator and primary architect of the Visionary Creation.

“Each of our stories stand on their own, and they can be set anywhere within a vast multiverse of worlds, through billions of years of history, but, and this is the important part,” Sellner continued, “there are threads that connect many of those stories subtly, often in unexpected ways. Some of which will converge into larger epics being planned in the future as we expand. Even with our audio dramas produced by EvCol Entertainment, we’ve started planting those seeds, weaving those threads, and that will really come out in our Phase One Kickstarter books.”

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Spotlight on: Genesis: The Books of Creation

Perhaps our most epic story will be a modern reimagining of Paradise Lost, the epic poem by John Milton. Genesis will be an ongoing serial in our Visions Serialized Collection of prose stories. We open on Judgement Day at the end of all things, then we go all the way back to the very beginning.

Witness the origins of God, the creation of Heaven, and the first angel, Lucifer the Morningstar (pictured above), whose destiny will shake the very foundations of creation!

The story will incorporate Judeo-Christian mythos as well as other cultural myths and stories, creating a cosmic epic in the spirit of Tolkien’s Silmarillion, and Jack Kirby’s Eternals and New Gods. All of it seasoned with the brilliant character development and edge of A Game of Thrones.

One of the key characters introduced in Genesis will be the Chronicler, a being who has shared every thought, and every feeling of every living creature throughout the entire Omniverse of the Creation! She also appears in one of our other stories which shows us the beginning of her actions to save the Creation.

Visionary Quick Updates!

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