Visionary Enters Publishing with Visionary Creation Phase 1 Signups now LIVE!

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Audio Drama, Comics, News, Projects, Serialized Collection, Uncategorized, Visionary Universe, Visions

Visionary is proud to announce its move into publishing with the launch of the Visionary Creation, which will feature a brand new, transmedia, shared worlds setting with multiple projects in multiple formats. From cosmic to dark fantasy, from horror to science-fiction, and from the dawn of time to the end of creation, Visionary will build its worlds one exceptional story at a time. The more stories you enjoy, the more you will start seeing the many threads that tie these worlds all together.

Our first bundle Kickstarter will launch our ongoing Serialized Collection and three new comic series on June 1, 2023! Travel throughout time, with stops in an Age of Magic, an Age of Heroes, and the far future on multiple worlds in deep space! Fight alongside a dwarven legend in the battle of his life, discover the secrets of a cosmic champion, meet two vigilantes who are the world’s first costumed heroes, and so much more!

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The Visionary Creation is the creative vision of architect C. Edward Sellner, founder, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer for Visionary, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Outrider Publications. He is the creator and writer of most of the initial content, working alongside multiple artists. As the line grows, other creators will join the Visionary roster of creative talent!

If you’re a fan of shared worlds like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Star Trek, you’ll love this rich blend of transmedia storytelling boldly going where no other has gone before!


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