The Future Looks Truly Visionary!

by | May 23, 2023 | Comics, Deadlands, New Releases, News, Visionary Creation

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Kicking Off Visionary Kickstarters!

This Spring and Summer are shaping up to be truly Visionary! Between our studio work, especially with new publisher Outrider Entertainment, our own launch as a publisher, and our CCO Sellner spreading his creative wings, multiple projects will be launched on Kickstarter and new projects announced in the coming months, including our first licensed properties!

Here’s the Spring / Summer wave of campaigns you can sign up for now…

Visionary Creation Phase 1 Bundle

Launching June 1, 2023, is the debut of the hottest new transmedia shared worlds setting! Dive into the Visionary Creation with 19 stories in multimedia formats, exploring a brand new omniverse from its beginning to its end, from a mythical age of magic to a far-flung future where humanity has spread to the stars! Witness the very birth of the Visionary Creation!

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Deadlands: Rise of the Black Circle

The new Outrider Entertainment brings you our first brand-new Deadlands epic in hardcover! Classic Deadlands heroes reunite to face a new, rising threat! When a new villain, La Bruja, unleashes the undead on the town of Nacogdoches, “Bad Luck” Betty McGrew, Velvet van Helter, Lacy O’Mally, and the harrowed Ronan Lynch must unite to stop her! But this is just the beginning of a much larger threat on the horizon! The Black Circle is Rising!

Story by: Shane Lacy Hensley / Art by: Aaron Palsmeier
Colors by: Simon Gough / Letters by: Jacob Bascle

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The Good, The Bad, and the Uncanny:
Tales of a Very Weird West

Coming soon from Outland Entertainment, a stellar line-up of authors telling wild tales of a very weird west! Gunfighters, monsters, madmen, and ancient horrors roam the wild west, but true heroes always rise up to challenge the darkness!

Features a brand-new Golgotha story by R.S. Belcher, and explores the wild west of the Visionary Creation in a brand-new tale by C. Edward Sellner. Also includes Visionary creators Jeffrey Mariotte and Greg Cox, among others, with the whole amazing package edited by Jonathan Maberry!

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Astral Vengeance Issue #1-3

From Pet Piranha Entertainment, produced in association with Visionary Creative Services, the award winning Astral sci-fi, thriller series continues with a Vengeance! Volume 4 continues in single issues and with this campaign you can get issues 1-3, as well as the previous three volumes! Spanning time, space, and alternate dimensions, the powerful Astral, Lila, faces threats from our world and beyond!

Created / Written by: Jay Magnum / Art by: Ariel Medel
Colors by: Rohvel Yumel / Letters by: Jacob Bascle

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