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by | Jun 14, 2023 | New Releases, News

First, let me just thank all of you who get our newsletter or surf our site, and actually open and check it out, often clicking on links to take a deeper dive! You folks are the main reason we’re here! While creative work is its own reward, the feeling of it connecting with people, entertaining them, maybe even offering a little inspiration from time to time is amazing! So, know we appreciate it all.

Second, you may have noticed things ‘glitched’ the last week or so.

While I don’t intend to make these newsletters personal often, I do feel I need to offer some explanations. A lot of the projects and efforts I’ve been promoting were originally started under a publisher partnership, this was an agreement I worked very hard to make the most of and it paid off on a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately, through no fault of my own, and no maliciousness on anyone’s part, that partnership did not work out, leaving all the responsibility for all these efforts solely on me.

As those who know me might have gleaned, I can be very stubborn and dive into the deep end more than I should, so, I determined to move forward with EVERYTHING, but now on my own. And it was coming together. Unfortunately, it was doing so at the cost of my mental health and the time I wanted to spend on my own creative work.

So, I have decided, and it was a tough decision, to pull back and let most of the project management, licensing and development work I’ve done over the last two years go, which has been heartbreaking, but necessary. At this point, I need to fully commit to my own creative work as a writer and artist, limiting my involvement only to projects where I have a key creative role, not just an editorial or management one.

I do hope everyone continues to support Outrider, who did nothing but good by me, with whom I’m still hoping to write and do art for if possible, and EvCol Entertainment which has been the highlight partnership as it has been 100% creating my own stories, which is what I truly love. I will also continue releasing my own creator-owned work, but not as a full publisher. I will be seeking to do so through other publishers and platforms so I can focus on creating the work.

So, I hope you stick with me and Visionary, we’ve got some awesome creators, and you’ll be seeing more from all of us in future weeks! In the meantime, as a thank you for your support, click below to get three FREE COMICS, written by me and brought to life by incredible artists! Then, check out our links below to find a listing of everything of mine that is currently available, and keep checking in here as we announce new venues, platforms, and options for getting my work directly, or through other publishers! We still have a heck of a ride ahead! Trust me!

Remember, always stay Visionary!

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