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The Visionary Universe

The core universe of our new, shared worlds setting is, not surprisingly, the Visionary Universe! “The Visionary Creation is the mega setting designed to explore stories we can’t do in the main universe and to create a large sandbox for other creators to stake their claims and build something of their own once we begin to expand. The Visionary Universe is our prime universe, our Earth-1,” shared C. Edward Sellner, the man behind the setting.

“The Visionary Universe will be home to the majority of our stories, and those stories will be far more tightly coordinated to maintain internal continuity and consistency. But we won’t be limiting ourselves to one time period or one continent, country, or city. Stories here will range from an Age of Magic that took place eons prior to our own history, throughout our own age from prehistory to the far future and onto other worlds in this universe.”

The Visionary Universe is built on a “niche-storytelling” model. “The idea is we’ve created multiple niches in time and space for telling all kinds of stories. For example, in our Phase 1 bundle, we have a dwarven war story set in the Age of Magic, one character from that age travels to our modern-day time, where six of our stories are set, including our two initial comic series, and finally another three tales take place at various points on different worlds in our science-fiction future.”

Connections abound throughout these core universe stories. There are two family members who are main characters in our two comic series, there is a major event in our future that sets the stage for all three sci-fi tales and other threads and easter eggs where you least expect them.

Through this, we want to create a detailed and storied world with layers of depth that span from the beginning of time to its end.

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Limited Edition Wraparound Cover for Monarch of Manhattan and The Knight #1
Art by Colton Worley

Spotlight On: The Knight and Monarch of Manhattan

Our first two ongoing comic series are sister series (check them out, and you’ll see why we use that term). They are both contemporary, set in current-day New York City and Washington DC. and yes, our two heroes will definitely meet someday soon! These two become the world’s first ‘costumed vigilantes’ who bring a new justice to the streets!

The two series also stand on their own, with The Knight having a darker, grittier take set on the streets of the Nation’s Capital, while Monarch has a more light-hearted approach with fantasy elements mixed in, considering Shakalla’s origins.

These are also our first two simultaneous prose/comic epics, with their stories being told in prose in serialized chapters of Visions and in comics in their respective series.

One of the short stories in Visions also ties directly into both of these series. Check out The Interview for events of both books to be seen from a different perspective!


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