Character Spotlight: The Vicious, Brutal, Terrifying Charon

by | Jul 29, 2023 | Character Spotlight, Charon, News, The Knight, Villains, Visionary Universe

What’s a great hero without a great villain? In Visionary’s first planned ongoing comic series, The Knight, that role is filled by the mysterious and brutal ganglord Charon. Little is known of this villain, except he has been working with the Syndicate, the largest organized crime cartel in the world, as an enforcer in New York. But he becomes involved in a secret plot to gain personal power, which brings him to Washington, DC. From there, we know it will lead to an ultimate and final confrontation with his archenemy, the Knight, in the near future.

“Charon is the only character in The Knight to appear as possibly more than human, but nothing about his past is really known in the story just yet. He appears as an albino with pale white skin, red eyes, and shark-like teeth,” shared C. Edward Sellner, creator of Charon. “There is much more to him than we reveal in this first arc, but those secrets will come to light in future issues.”

What we do know is that Charon is one of the most brutal villains in the Visionary Universe, as proven by his bloody assault at the end of issue 1, and the depths of his evil will only dig deeper and more insidious in future issues.

“The best thing about Charon is how vividly artist Mario Torrisi and colorist Saul Maradona bring him to life in this first three-issue arc,” Sellner added. “It’s one thing to describe a character as intimidating, a predator in every sense of the word, and seething with hatred; it’s another when skilled hands bring all that into focus through their visuals. Charon clearly dominates in every scene where he shows up, which is all credit to the fantastic team on this book.”

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